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Choosing an effective distribution agent is a significant decision. So why not choose the one who can bring all factors including efficiency, reliability, convenience and networking in to one platform?

About us

Universal Delivery is a young company that provides efficient delivery services in the UK for businesses around the world. We bring together number of overseas suppliers and their customers to one platform to ensure that supplier's goods are delivered on time with the highest efficiency to their respective customers in the UK. The advantage the overseas suppliers would gain is the reduced delivery cost and just one agent to handle your products within UK. On the other hand the customers in UK will have least hassle in receiving their goods. As a distribution agent we always ensure that all our customers are offered competitive prices when purchasing our services. Having said that we are not limited to commercial clients we also offer great prices for individual clients.

Our mission

The aim of Universal Delivery Service is to enhance our portfolio of clients, and to create a network of overseas suppliers that will enable UK traders to make their own choices with regard to the kind of products that are best suited to their needs.

It's our goal to improve the overall customer service experience by widening the options as well as by delivering goods just as when you need it.

No need to go anywhere else

The Universal Delivery service is a distribution agent whose primary purpose is to provide transportation of goods and to connect suppliers and their respective customers. Universal Delivery's services are two folded. We act as a distribution agent for certain overseas manufacturers and suppliers and we also act as a delivery service for traders in UK where you can nominate Universal Delivery to be the transport agent; you place the order and we connect with your supplier to bring your goods to you. It is not just about bringing convenience to you but we also ensure that we work to your satisfaction specially in terms of delivering your items. Up to date we have had 100% satisfaction from our overseas and local clients which prompt them coming back to us.

Anywhere and at any time

As a platform, Universal Delivery continues to develop an increasing number of different services, the purpose of which is to assist businesses to find new opportunities and continue to expand and thrive. Universal Delivery is the only platform you need to turn to, in order to be able to satisfy all of your global needs in the world of international business – whether you're importing or exporting items. Our service is friendly and reliable.

Help centre Q&A

Do I always have to register an account with you? No. We are very flexible with the orders. Our customer service assistants are on duty 24/7. Hence, you can email us your requirements we will check our availability and inform you how we can facilitate your delivery.

In which currency do I have to pay to you? We only accept payments in GBP hence we expect you to pay us all funds in British Pounds..

In which currency do I have to pay to you? We only accept payments in US Dollars hence we expect you to pay us all funds in US Dollars meaning that you may pay equivalent of your currency as per the live exchange rate on the day you make the payment to us.

What is the delivery period? If you are an individual trader in UK the delivery period will entirely depend on your requirement and your overseas supplier's shipping period but when we get the hands on your goods we deliver it to you within two working days. If you purchase the goods via our network of overseas suppliers we will deliver the goods to you within a week of your order depending on the availability which will be communicated to you before the order.

What is the refund policy? If you purchase goods via our own overseas suppliers you will have 30 days from the date you receive the items to return any damaged or any item that is not up to your standard provided that all returning items are in the same condition as received by you. We encourage you to write to us first with the order number explaining your reasons for the items being rejected. Then we will inform you how these items can be picked up from you. You can return your items for free and we will inform you how you can do this. If you only received our delivery service you will have to check with your supplier about the refund policy and we may charge again for transport service we provide for returning goods.

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